Bianca Valle x Alta Ora

If you know Bianca Valle, you know she is always covered in layers upon layers of gold and silver, not leaving a wrist or ear piercing unadorned. This effortless way of wearing jewelry comes naturally, she says, because of her Mexican heritage and growing up on the west coast.

This gold hoop is equally exuberant as it is minimal. With a sterling silver ball back, it can be worn two ways, with the ball facing front or hidden behind the ear. Initially carved in wax and then cast in brass that has been plated with 23.5k gold, this piece has all the charm and uniqueness of the handmade Mexican jewelry Bianca grew up with. The hoops come lovingly wrapped in custom tissue paper featuring one of Bianca’s beautiful paintings.

Nickel-free gold plated brass hoop with sterling silver posts and ball backs. Made in NYC.

Care: All of our earring posts are made of hypoallergenic sterling silver, which means they are delicate and can bend. Please be gentle when storing and bend back into place if they get misshapen. The silver ball backs may tarnish with wear, so we recommend storing your piece in its original dust bag when not in use and using a polishing cloth for buffing when needed.

Photography by Courtney Yates

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